The first scholarly anthology dedicated to Literary Darwinism …  The Literary Animal spans centuries and individual cultures with bravura, if not bravado. D. T. Max, The New York Times Magazine

The book provides the exhilarating sense of witnessing something new taking shape on the intellectual horizon, a ‘proto-paradigm’ that, although grounded, is not yet set in stone, with big questions still being debated … The Literary Animal provides a fine example of the riches that await us as the arts and sciences stop competing and start communicating. Rebecca Goldstein, Nature

The Literary Animal is a manifesto for forging a connection [between evolution and literary studies], and a collection of proofs of concept. The essays, all original, are pleasantly well-written for an academic collection; the writing is consistently clear, and often stylish. The essays present new ideas and findings—from biology, literary analysis, history, and quantitative surveys, among other fields—that will enlighten anyone interested in literature or the human animal….I found The Literary Animal to be an exciting book. It isn’t often that one can be present at the genesis of a new field of knowledge, especially one with the promise of connecting two realms—the exploration of human nature by science and by art—that clearly have so much to learn from each other. Steven Pinker, Philosophy and Literature